Philip Harman

Philip Harman

"Follow the trail to your dreams, not the path of others' expectations."


About Philip Harman

Thank you for taking the time to look at my ‘about me’ page.

   My name is Philip Harman. I am 56 years old. My lovely wife Lisa still puts up with me and my online adventures. We have four wonderful children, two new grandchildren And oh yes our very hyperactive Siberian Husky whose name is Browser, that loves to play. I was born in Gettysburg Pennsylvania and now live just minutes away from the Beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains.

My Hobbies and Interests

My hobbies and interests are Gold Prospecting, Fishing, Hiking Camping Hot Rods Stamp Collecting, Internet Technology and Exploring the great outdoors.


Professionally, I work in retail as a Automotive Department Manager for Wal-Mart for 26 years. and have been working on building my website at since 1997 to help create additional income and a better future my family.


  I have a blog that I named Philip Harman"s Journey Through Cyber Space, because when I think back to when my online experience all began it has been quit the journey. When I go back to my High School days when the world of computers was in its infancy. I was unable to get into a computer class because there were only so many spots available in the classroom. Not like in schools today most classrooms have computers.
  So as the years went by I had the need and desire to learn more about computers and had taken a home based Basic Computer Programming Class and received my Diploma for this course. Believe me this was basic compared to computers today. I had a small basic keyboard, a small TV for a monitor and regular cassette tape player for the data to be saved on and now today I don’t think I could even remember how it even worked. So a few more years went by and In 1997 finally bought my first real computer for that time period. This is when my online journey began. I got this vision like many people did, that if I could learn to use this computer I would be able to make some good money online.
  Now with almost 10 years in the past of working nights plus weekends until my Brian hurt and my eyes were so blood shot from reading that when you’d see me you would have thought I was on some type of drugs. You might say that I was addicted to something but it was not drugs. It has been learning all I can about the Internet to find a better way for my families future.

  At this point you might be thinking OK has any of this time paid off and the answer is yes. It helped me through time period, when my wife and I had our twin girls Megan & Jessica. Having the girls made me push myself even more to get were I wanted to be. Things were so good I was able to leave my job for a while until the company I was dealing with went out of business. My whole Web Site had been built around this company and I had to almost start over from scratch. For now I am back working for Wal-Mart and in search for that perfect niche market. The Internet is always changing with more opportunities opening up everyday. 
  For now that is enough about me and I hope with this Website I will be able to share some information that may help you in some way.
Thank You for reading my about me page!
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Philip Harman